Everything You Need to Accept Travel Payments

One Platform. Every Payment Possibility

Making Safari payments and receivables, easy and efficient.

Income Growth

Get access to the Safari community & accept payments from travellers wallets

Group Payment

Automate payment collection for group joining plans for multiple destinations with ease.

Lipa Pole Pole Made Easy

Keep your customers updated and Collect travel payments with great efficiency.

Get local support

Receive full support from our local success..

Easy, Fast, and powerful

The platform to help your business grow

One platform to accept payments, protect revenue, and control your finances.

Global Coverage

Grow into new markets by accepting payments wherever your customers are or traveling to...

Simple integration

Access payments via our partner portal or if you have a system simply connect easily with API integration..


We've built highly scalable infrastructure from the ground up for security, stability, velocity.

The platform to help your business grow

Accept Payments Everywhere

Let your customers pay wherever and however they prefer. Access the most powerful tools to accept, process, and settle payments.

Online Payments ›

Accept mobile money, safari wallets, and more on any digital channel or device.

Real-time Reconciliation ›

Accelerate your payment cycle and keep customers and service providers happy .

Unified Commerce ›

Connect your online and in-store payment data in one system.

Solutions built for your business model

All-in-one finance for growing businesses

Save time and money with contactless payments, manage personal, group & Corporate wallets, expense management, and more. All in one account.

Open an Account

Get access to the partner portal and digital wallet upon approval. Manage all transaction with ease.

No hidden fees

Enjoy the lowest transfer fees in the market with transparent pricing and no monthly fees.

All in one place

No need for separate accounts, cards, or software. Scale faster with a fully integrations.

Features built for business

Do Business With Confidence

Drive innovation within your space and by a market leader. Benefit from our intuitive user interface and payment tracking capability.

Security is at our core

All our accounts are enabled with two factor authentication to ensure extra-secure transactions.

Your data is protected

Our data privacy vault makes it easy to securely manage, store, and process sensitive data.

Customer service is our priority

We are here to help you grow your business to the next heights. Access quality service you really want.